Static Guarding


Security Officers - protecting people, property and assets. Static guarding is one of the most effective ways to secure any commercial, construction, corporate, private or retail premises during open or closed hours. Our highly trained security officers will always be a bigger deterrent than just an intruder alarm or CCTV system. At Central Security Services, we select a security officer that is best trained to suit your requirements for your security cover. We acknowledge that this requires public relation skills, using an amiable approach to keep the common area clear and accessible, free of persons who do not belong on the premises, while keeping safety in mind. Around the clock contact is carried out by hourly health and safety check calls and regular, unscheduled supervisory visits to ensure quality of service is kept to the highest standards.


Mobile Patrols


If you are looking for a great alternative to static guarding, look no further than our mobile patrol service. We at Central Security Service provide mobile patrols for private and public sector clients monitoring your property and rapidly responding to any alerts. When our mobile security officer arrives at your premises they will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle. Our SIA licensed oficers will randomly visit and monitor your premises in or outside business working hours, day or night. And can be used to protect commercial, construction, corporate, private or retail premises. Our mobile patrol visits will not be scheduled to avoid noticeable patterns as criminals are less likely to target your premises if they can never be sure as to when a mobile patrol officer will appear.  Mobile patrol visits can significantly reduce crime, vandalism, fire and flood as we can visit your premises as and when you require.

Key Holding & Alarm Response


At Central Security Services we will not only eliminate the inconvenience of yourself attending a false alarm activation, but also assist you in exercising your duty of care to your employees by eliminating the risk they face in the result of a genuine alarm activation. Our experienced response teams are trained to fully investigate the reason for any activation and manage the situation on the ground. We interact with our customers after every activation to ensure the cause for the activation is understood. We work proactively to reduce the number of false alarms and our handling of genuine activations will demonstrate real value and provide peace of mind.


Dog Handling


Central Security Services are able to deploy Security Patrol Dogs across South Wales, and are lucky enough to have various handlers available to us for specific roles, ranging from high end asset protection, to routine site patrols and general criminal deterrent work - traditional Security Patrol Dogs work for want of a better phrase. Our Security Patrol Dogs significantly reduce crime, vandalism, theft etc, we work within the bounds of the Guard Dogs Act, which states that guard dogs should always be under full control of the handler.

Unlock & Lock Down Service


Central Security Services also operate a lock and unlock service that involves our officers attending your premises to fully lock down and secure your premises at the end of each day and re-opened in the morning for business as usual. This services gives you peace of mind each evening knowing that your premises has been fully locked down by our experienced mobile security officers.

CCTV Installation


We install and maintain CCTV systems that range from a single camera and monitor to multiple cameras, sophisticated controls and monitoring equipment capable of remote access. Using advanced technology and broadband or an ISDN telephone line, the operator can view cameras, turn on lights, control a camera pan, tilt and zoom, communicate with people at the premises if needed. We can provide monitored cameras and equipment to suit any environment from a simply building site to a large Factory etc. Our cameras can capture unparalleled imaged detail with high definition surveillance. Our systems have the capacity to grow alongside your business and to allow for future expansion of you CCTV System.

CCTV Monitoring


Our highly-trained Security Officers can monitor your CCTV system 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Any/all recorded incidents will be dealt with by means of a pre-agreed procedure with the customer and a full incident report would be completed and sent to the relevant company contact. Central Security Services control centre is equipped with cutting edge technology and this is back up by our 24hr Mobile Patrol vehicle which will attend your premises for any activations.

Intruder Detection and Alarm Systems


We install and maintain high quality, wired and wireless intruder alarm systems for both the domestic and commercial market place. Our systems can be monitored for intruder, fire and personal attack. These can be integrated with a CCTV system or an access control system to give you a complete security system. We specialize in Monitored Intruder Alarms with Sequential Confirmation which have a high immunity to false alarms thus protecting your Police response. These systems are ideal for home or commercial security. Our systems can provide you with a new level of home or commercial security combining access control if required to ensure further peace of mind. If you have lost Police response due to false alarms then please feel free to contact us about our Mobile Patrol or Alarm Response Services. Our systems are expertly installed with every effort made to carry out a neat installation. All our engineers are highly trained and fully security screened. Our Control Centre is open 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year with trained & fully licensed staff ready to assist you.

Covert Operations


Our small team of trained and experienced Covert Operational staff are able to carry out Covert operations as required and pre-advised by the customer. These services are dealt with in the strictest confidence and further confidential details etc can only be obtained directly from our Operations Director on: 0791-7564059.




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