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We believe by creating a great environment to work in our customers get happy employees. A clean and safe workplace is ranked high among the most important issues to workers in the UK.


We have a saying here at Central Security Services, “If results are what you want, then change is what you need”. This is a time of change and we at Central Security Services believe that we can impact on that change and take some of the pressure away. This enables our customers to concentrate on what is important to making their business successful, whilst we ensure that they have a workplace that is clean, safe and conducive to success.


Most customers remember their first impressions of any company and that impression is taken in the first ten seconds of entering into a building or meeting a prospective supplier. We understand that our service provision plays an important part in making sure that the first impression is a good one. By delivering consistency in standards across the service we will ensure that our part in creating impressions is of the highest standards that you would expect. The services we provide are not only that of cleaning and security, but we commit to working closely with our customers to achieve their targets across environmental standards and CSR.


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